UAE confirms support to France's Middle East peace initiative

CAIRO, 28th May 2016 (WAM) — The UAE today confirmed its support for France’s initiative and all Arab and international efforts to achieve a comprehensive and just solution for the Palestinian issue based on international resolutions and firm principles.

This was announced by Dr. Anwar bin Mohammed Gargash, Minister of State for Foreign Affairs in a speech before the extraordinary meeting of the Arab foreign ministers in Cairo.

“We listened with interest to the Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas who presented a comprehensive briefing about the developments of the vital Palestinian issue. The UAE takes a keen interest in following and supporting the Palestinian issue and undertaking its role as a member of the Arab Nation. It calls for a just and comprehensive settlement to the Palestinian issue based on international resolutions and firm principles,” he said.

He expressed the hope that the French initiative for would contribute towards reviving stalled peace talks and that the French would continue to mobilise international support for their initiative aimed at solving the Palestinian issue.

Speaking about the Libyan issue, Gargash said, “A solution to the Libyan crisis is one of our priorities. We are working in this direction and stress the importance of intra-Libyan

reconciliation, unified Libyan stance that is inclusive of all their country’s regions. We consider that the foundation of this track is a punctual and non-selective accomplishment  of the Skhirat agreement. The top priority would be the Libyan House of Representatives’ endorsement of the Government of National Accord (GNA) so as to avoid multiple legitimacies the negative consequences of which has dominated the Libyan political landscape and complete the process of constitutional construction that serves as the optimal guarantee of a sustainable solution and the unity of  Libya and decisively counter terrorism and extremism plaguing several Arab states.”

Speaking on Yemen, Gargash thanked Kuwait for hosting the current peace talks and expressed appreciation of the Kuwaiti leaders’ keen interest in the success of this hard effort.

“We reiterate that a political solution is the only exit that would bring all Yemenis together. This should be based on UNSC Resolution 2216, the GCC Initiative and the outcome of the outcomes of the Comprehensive National Dialogue”.

Gargash noted that the cause of this crisis is the Houthi rebellion which pushed Yemen and the region into violence and chaos. “Their crude coup attempt against a political choice has led to catastrophic results.”

The solution in Yemen, he said, should be based on the UN-led peace initiative.

He expressed appreciation of the efforts being made by United Nations Special Envoy to Yemen, Ismail Ould Cheikh Ahmed.

An exit from the crisis in Yemen requires that all Yemeni serious should make serious and necessary efforts and prioritise the interest of Yemen over narrow and private interests.

“Hopefully, it could be an opportunity to inform the (Arab) Ministerial Council about the great success in defeating terrorism in the city of Mukalla, thanks to the leadership of the strong Arab Coalition. The city was liberated in a carefully-planned military plan which is perhaps the most counter-terrorism operation in decades. The terrorist principality was removed and its organisation, training and supply capabilities were destroyed. The operation proved that eliminating terrorism is one of the goals of the Arab World which bears the brunt of the violence and criminal acts of this terrorism, Minister Gargash added.

Gargash said, “We look forward to the Nouakchott Summit and have the hope that it would play its role in bolstering pan-Arab unity against foreign interference, one of the dangers threatening us.”

He thanked the Mauritanian government and noted that he is confident that its efforts will bear fruit.

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