IEN President: The start of commercial operations at Barakah Nuclear Power Plant Unit 1 marks a new chapter in the UAE’s energy history


President and CEO of the Washington-based Nuclear Energy Institute (NEI), Maria G. Korsnick, said the United Arab Emirates has made history by becoming the first country in the region to operate a commercial nuclear power plant.

The operation of Unit 1 of the Barakah Nuclear Power Plant marks a new chapter in the UAE’s energy history, providing the nation with reliable, carbon-free electricity. As global leaders in nuclear energy and innovation, U.S. technology and the expertise of many companies have contributed greatly to the realization of the Barakah plant,” Korsnick said in a statement on the occasion of the start of commercial operation of Unit 1 of the UAE’s Barakah plant.

“The commercialization of Barakah Unit 1, with three other reactors under development, demonstrates the growing global desire for carbon-free electricity to meet our global responsibility for climate change. And as the first commercial nuclear power plant in the Arab world, Barakah is an example to the entire region of how peaceful nuclear power can diversify countries’ energy portfolios and economies,” added Korsnick.