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Job Description

Your mission is to assist the operations to watch costs and ensure that early negative trends are identified and subjected
to review. You provide historical data, real-time data and forward estimates to aid decision making and reduce risk.


  • First : engagement and constant customer focus
  • Fast : priority focus on doing things quickly
  • Right: focus on the small details and on following standards and instructions
  • Ownership : personal responsibility and problem solving.
  • Teamwork : communication, collaboration and fairness.
  • Innovation : a positive "We can" attitude.
  • Day-to-day hands on leadership and close team rapport and support.
  • Day-to-day work planning, system management and measurement.
  • Reinforcing of targets, plans and directions in all briefings.
  • Upkeep of systems and assurance of data collection and records.


  • Be aware of the company's values and assure reference to them in briefings and daily operations.
  • Assure department operations in terms of the values and assure that associates can see their relevance.
  • Understand the brand and link your team leadership to the brand's values.
  • Check that the team is delivering an experience, service and product which is consistent with the brand.
  • Place the guest experience at the center of your daily communications; do not neglect this message.
  • Be quick to highlight to any team member any behavior which is successful in achieving guest engagement.
  • Assist management to communicate the performance expectations and measures of the department.
  • Assure that you relay the core performance measures communicated by the leadership team.
  • Assure understanding of quality requirements during on-the-job training.
  • Check on loss and cost controls and foster a culture and approach which reduces waste and error.
  • Check that the team is working effectively and that each member is making a fair contribution.
  • Check data and assure its reliability and accuracy; assure that associates process systems correctly.
  • Foster skills and risk taking and learning. Encourage skill sharing and multi skilling.
  • Check on risks and accuracy and maintain regular surveillance by staying involved with your team.
  • Communicate relentlessly and patiently and assure that all team members stay up to date with information.
  • Be accessible to team members and assist them to speak with the management team if they require.
  • Raise success and achievements with managers so that appropriate recognition can be provided.
  • Work with each individual on a one-on-one basis and be independent and fair.
  • Promote team values and show that procedures, allocations and systems are impartial.
  • Work on waste reduction consistent with the department's environment plans.


  • Coordinate with purchasing on standardized stock keeping units and inventory design.
  • Circulate ad hoc and scheduled reports on costs to ensure action on budget targets early in each cycle.
  • Monitor consumption, inventory losses and gains, costs and margins. Identify spikes for investigation.
  • Monitor and spot check breakage and spoilage, asset disposals, and non-sale reductions in inventory.
  • Monitor materials consumption in all departments, especially engineer ting related and housekeeping.
  • Oversee par systems to optimize cost structures and maintain service levels.
  • Assure stocktakes, consumption recording and requisitions, especially for convertible items of all kinds.
  • Assure quotation and invoicing is non-discrepant and report and audit all short deliveries or return of stock.
  • Review reconciliations of rental rolls and identify any anomalies requiring research/follow up.
  • Maintain variance reports for the attention of senior management on all key input costs.
  • Verify and spot check correct accounting for inter-department transfers.
  • Cost account all employment on-cost by major category.
  • Audit and monitor officers entertainment expense enforce controls and limits.
  • Audit and monitot point of sale systems to ensure full revenue capture and eliminate incorrect charging.
  • Manage goods receivals to avoid false inventory readings, and control potential for fraud.
  • Spot check deliveries and spot check receiving clerk procedures; document findings in a rolling monthly file
  • Match actuals against forecasts and maintain historicals to improve accuracy of estimates and reduce wastage.

Job Type: Full-time


  • Accounting: 3 years (Required)
  • dynamics: 3 years (Required)

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