Chef de Rang

Full time @Dubai Ports World posted 7 months ago

Job Description

[JRG] Trattoria Toscana-Service Rang de Chef – (210001HO)


Is capable of serving clients with confidence in accordance with brand standards. Looks for ways to go above and beyond the expectations of the customers.

Has a thorough understanding of the brand concept, history, and vision and can articulate it when asked.

Has undergone basic food hygiene training and always works in a safe and sanitary manner.

Any out-of-stock products should be communicated, and the manager or team leader should be notified when stocks are running low.

Any difficulties are quickly communicated to managers.

Understand and can describe the purpose of the brand audit

At all times, actively engages with colleagues and customers.

Ensures that problems are brought to the attention of the manager or team leader as soon as possible.

Is capable of making basic judgments that have a good impact on their own job or the experience of their clients

Is able to work as a team member and give suggestions as needed.

Has complete understanding of all products and can confidently describe them to a consumer. Can comfortably accept an order and ask any pertinent questions.

Ensures that all side tasks and cleaning schedules are accomplished in accordance with daily checklists.

Completes all checklists as needed for the outlet on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.

Can arrange for take-out orders in accordance with the brand’s standards. Can package an order for pick-up or delivery.

Capable of determining a guest’s contentment and dealing with any problems that may develop, as well as telling a Supervisor/Manager of the situation and how it was resolved.

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