Chief Financial Officer

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Job Description

Job Summary

This position reports to the President with a dotted line to the Board of Directors through the Chairman of the Board, and works closely with an active Board Executive Committee. The CFO is specifically or indirectly responsible for the following:

  • Change Management. Deliver close change management advice to the board and advise from a commercial and strategic direction as to where the company needs to be focusing.
  • SAP/ERP Responsible for the identification of new systems and operating procedures. The business is in desperate need of structure and processes and is keen to find a business leader who has come from a major manufacturing, FMCG business specifically within Dairy and Juices.
  • Board and External Relations. Support the work of the Board of Directors and all relevant committees. Serve as the intermediary between board and staff. Identify, recruit and maximize the contributions of new and existing board members.
  • This is a newly created role for a hands on commercial / strategic CFO who can adapt a change methodology and look at the big picture to move the business from a family run business into a Multi-National operating company.
  • The CFO is responsible for directly or indirectly managing the vision and daily operations of the organization. Working with the President and Board Members.
  • One of the key parts for this role is to implement manuals policies and procedures and work with the President to focus on change management and look at the “Cash flow “within the business and to enable the business to be in a position to develop organically and look at major M&A in the future.
  • Administration. Responsible for overall administration and quality of the organization – its projects, human resources, policies and procedures, finances, and facilities.
  • Budgeting. Responsible for the development and management of the annual operating and capital budgets.

Performance Objectives

After 12 months in the role, the successful candidate will have accomplished the following:

  • Sales and Distribution. Use current resources to produce better sales forecasts and implement procedures to produce production plans that will meet the forecasts. Increase the number of distribution routes to enhance sales and their cost control through implementing asset tracking systems within a limited budget.
  • Product Development & Acquisitions. Assess the current product portfolio of the company to enhance their P&L’s, and put in place systematic procedures to introduce future products for the organization. Implement all systems necessary (Financial Controls, IT, and HR) to allow for future acquisitions.
  • Change Management. Worked with the existing management team to evaluate and assess the current organization, and to put in place a clear change management plan. This will have been shared with the organization from top to bottom, ensuring buy-in from all key stakeholders, and the implementation will be on schedule according to the timeline specified.
  • Financial Controls. Evaluated and if necessary then will have put in place the effective means by which the organization’s resources are directed, monitored, and measured, ensuring the accuracy of financial reporting, and protecting the organization’s resources, both physical and intangible. These internal control procedures should reduce process variation, leading to more predictable outcomes.
  • Procurement. Assess and improve the current procurement strategies and enhance control over raw material costs in order to sustain profitability. Propose plan to the Board of Directors to create a procurement unit if necessary to effectively control the need and size of purchasing.
  • IT & Technical Systems. Oversee the evaluation of the IT and the technical systems including the systems and technology involved in the manufacturing processes, and approve an implement the necessary changes if necessary of systems such as the ERP System across the entire group.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

The ideal candidate has a blend of the following:

  • Substantial prior successful experience operating an organization similar in size, scope and scale of impact
  • Prior demonstrated successful experience with sales growth and business development, as well as demonstrable Change Management experience
  • Bachelor’s degree required, advanced degree preferred
  • A demonstrated passion for the industry and the region, and for providing quality products to the community
  • A visionary who doesn’t lose sight of daily operations

CFO Profile

  • An understanding of managing organizational culture to drive company performance. Exceptional numeracy skills, the application of which can enable accurate and fact-based decisions to be made and conveyed to the organization through a highly empowered team which has been developed by an open and consultative leadership style.
  • The ability to cope with ambiguity and continual change as the company innovates to meet it market moving forwards.
  • A motivator and leader who does not shy away from conflict
  • A competent and natural external leader who can convey confidence, build relationships and represent the organization in the marketplace.
  • Personal values that are consistent with the corporate values
  • Coalition building skills, including the ability to motivate, negotiate, and persuade stakeholders into a course of action in a corporate context.
  • A business leader who has demonstrated excellence with both start up’s and Multi National businesses adding value chains through and through.
  • Experience in overall leadership of a leading manufacturing/distribution business in the FMCG or Manufacturing sectors
  • Integrity beyond reproach, with follow through on your commitments
  • Strong interpersonal skills, including the ability to build relationship with diverse populations
  • Excellent communication skills, including verbal, written and public speaking
  • Creative, compassionate, entrepreneurial, and savvy
  • A highly strategic and long-term view of business coupled with an ability to understand and operate the critical levers which have proven to be the essential success factors for the company.
  • A natural collaborative style that invites participation and collegiality

  • Company: Bronze Electromechanical Bros
  • Employment Type: Full Time
  • Education Level: Bachelor
  • Job Type: Finance

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