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Job Description

Our CFO and senior finance candidates demonstrate four pillars of strength – leadership, ability to link the business strategies with financial objectives, drive operational excellence and implement controls to manage risks.

Increasingly, today’s CFO is a business partner with strategic and operational focus with a lean finance structure as they move away from being only focused on technical and fiduciary, management reporting and control and compliance activities.

Digitalization, automation and increasing regulatory compliance and reporting has revolutionized how businesses work with their clients and finance skills are no longer about traditional bookkeeping, ledger accounting, credit control or banking.

Many organizations struggle to establish a robust financial control environment with partially structured or automated processes; however, businesses today require finance leaders who can develop, implement and manage effective financial control policies and systems.

Our executive search and recruitment expertise offers qualified candidates who focus on cost control, managing working capital, increasing liquidity, forecasting, financial planning, auditing, risk management and governance.

Our finance candidates are strong in analyzing, understanding, interpreting and forecasting data which are all critical skills for businesses today.

As your business evolves, you cannot be a catalyst without transformation or change management skills. Equally, you need to have commercial and agility capabilities to be a strategist.

CFOs need to evolve – strategic finance is critical to CEOs

Many organizations are lagging behind in fully adopting technology to optimize the finance department’s output and subsequently, they are not able to step up to deliver value addition in today’s competitive environment.

Our senior finance candidates have evolved as catalysts and demonstrate the ability to create a value driven finance function and team.

Our finance leadership and specialist candidates have strength beyond in interpreting numbers. They provide meaningful insights using data and analytics to enable their organization to make value-creating decisions.

We are innovative in our approach to hiring candidates who are tomorrow’s finance leaders. We focus on high potential and emerging candidates who understand their organization’s customers and are driven by business risks and opportunities.

Tools and processes are not enough to drive transformation – it requires CFOs to focus on people engagement and development.

Contact us for an initial discussion on how we can help you hire finance leaders who can successfully move your finance function to becoming an effective commercial driven business function.

Finance departments are undergoing transformation as repetitive tasks are automated and existing roles require more strategic, analytical and commercial skills.

We are working with our clients to redesign their finance function and upskill roles that require adaptability and ability and willingness to learn as technology continues to disrupt operating models.

All too often, senior finance managers are promoted because they are competent accountants and specialists. However, the step from specialist or manager to leadership requires a quantum change in mindset, skills and behaviours.

We work with newly promoted managers to enable them to transform from self-managing to managing yourself and teams and learn how to engage with a sense of purpose in the broader organization.

For organizations that need to shift in their mindset and culture, we work with individuals and leadership teams to empower a culture of innovation, collaboration and engagement to enhance people and business performance.

Most CFOs are comfortable with numbers and processes but many have yet to master the art of people management and development.

Equally, whilst many finance departments are competent in financial reporting, compliance and processes, very few are strong in strategy and change management.

Our leadership development programs accelerate your managers and leadership teams to become significant contributors to driving innovation, inspiring and engaging people and being more strategic in delivering profitable results for your business.

  • Audit Management
  • Chief Finance Officers
  • Payroll Managers
  • Finance Directors and Managers
  • Revenue Management
  • Risk & Compliance Managers
  • Trade Finance Specialists
  • Financial Controllers
  • Corporate Finance & Debt Structuring
  • Management and Project Accountants
  • Financial Planning & Analysis Managers

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