NLCS Dubai: Teacher of Chemistry

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Job Description

In September 2022, North London Collegiate School Dubai will be looking for a Chemistry teacher to join its faculty.

In 2017, NLCS Dubai was added to the NLCS network of schools.

If a qualified candidate is found, the School has the option of making an appointment prior to any deadline dates.

Applications must be submitted by midnight on January 23rd, 2022.

The National League Championship Series (UK)

Frances Mary Buss established the North London Collegiate School in the United Kingdom in 1850 with the goal of providing females with an intellectually challenging education on par with that provided to their male counterparts. For almost 160 years, the School has been a pioneer in women’s education and is still one of the best in the UK. Students at the School have consistently exceeded their peers in UK league tables and in terms of Oxbridge success rates.

NLCS has a clear commitment to maintaining close ties with its abroad branch schools, unlike many UK independent schools. Every attempt is made to duplicate the NLCS spirit and standards outside of the country of origin. When possible, NLCS (UK) employees and staff from our abroad schools interview foreign school staff in London, as well as in their home countries. All new teachers are asked to go to London for induction and training at the UK school, which is graciously financed by our partners, once they have been appointed.

An overseas branch is regularly inspected and monitored by the UK school after opening, and close links are formed through student and staff exchanges, joint departmental projects and educational visits as well as extracurricular activities like videoconference debates and jointly produced student publications.

There are hopes that the NLCS family of schools will grow to include more schools, and that these schools will form closer ties with each other. To take advantage of the numerous chances for professional growth and advancement afforded by joining a network of world-class schools like ours, we also hope that existing employees will apply.


For the first time, NLCS opened a branch school in South Korea in 2011: NLCS Jeju. Since graduating its first class of seniors in 2014, NLCS Jeju, a coeducational day and boarding school, has earned a stellar reputation for producing high-achieving IB Diploma candidates. Graduates of the School have gone on to study at some of the finest colleges in the world, including those in the United Kingdom, the United States of America, and Asia.

The National Library of Singapore (NLCS) will open in August of that year. Here we are at NLCS’s third outpost. One of Singapore’s top co-educational day schools, The School is located in the center of the city.


As a result, children and their families will opt to remain in Dubai for the duration of their primary and secondary educations, thanks to NLCS Dubai’s goal of being the UAE’s top-performing IB World School.

Aspirational ethos of NLCS (UK) and amazing choice of extra-curricular activities produce well-rounded students who are capable of becoming leaders at The School of Leadership and Management. Located in Dubai’s renowned Hartland complex, the School is a coeducational day school for children ages 3-18. Our project partners, Sobha, a prominent Indian real estate development firm, built and sponsored the School.

At the same time that NLCS Dubai focuses on academic success and intellectual challenge, it also encourages students to focus on their overall well-being and build a strong sense of self-worth, individualism, and self-awareness.

As an IB continuum school, NLCS Dubai is authorized to teach all three of the IB programs: the PYP, MYP, and Diploma. NLCS Dubai is an English-speaking school. The Arabic language, United Arab Emirates social studies, and Islamic education are taught in a number of weekly classes. (Muslim students are required to take Islamic education classes.)


When it comes to the school’s philosophy, it’s very similar to that of its parent school, NLCS (UK). However, NLCS Dubai makes every effort to incorporate and adapt to the local culture and surroundings.

An academically rigorous and challenging education is what the School tries to offer every student, in order to cultivate their desire to learn, as well as their ability to succeed in life.

By developing an atmosphere of intense scholarship at North London Collegiate schools, students are encouraged to study beyond the test syllabus in order to develop their intellectual independence and enjoyment of their subjects. Pastoral care is of utmost significance to us and we work hard to build strong relationships with both students and faculty members.

NLCS campuses have an active extracurricular scene that includes both academic and non-academic pursuits. From monthly book groups to Debating, to “Mad Scientists” and “Model United Nations,” students are involved in a wide range of subject-specific clubs and societies. It is common practice in the UK School to have around forty student-run academic clubs and societies meeting on a weekly basis to provide students with as many opportunities as possible to develop their intellectual curiosity, independence of thought, and real enthusiasm in their subjects. Non-academic pursuits flourish as well in NLCS schools, which strive to foster the development of the full person. Students participate in a wide range of extracurricular activities, from sports to music to the visual arts to drama, every day at lunchtimes and after school.


NLCS Dubai is a “IB Continuum School,” offering the PYP in the Junior School, the MYP in Grades 6 to 10, and the Diploma Program in the Sixth Form. Each of the three leagues, NLCS Dubai, has been approved for participation.


About 90 percent of Dubai’s 9.6 million citizens are expats who live alongside the local Emirati population. In both their personal and professional lives, the ideal applicant will show sensitivity to and consideration for the culture of a Muslim country.


We are committed to protecting and supporting the well-being of children and adolescents. It is expected that all members of the staff and volunteers will adhere to this policy. Background and police checks are required for this position. The school’s Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy and the School’s Recruitment, Selection & Disclosure Policy and Procedure have all the information you need.


A competitive package will be offered to the successful candidate, which will include the following:

  • Competitive salary
  • Initial three-year contract
  • Accommodation
  • Relocation costs
  • Annual return flights to home country
  • Health insurance
  • Tuition fees for eligible children

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