Sales Intern

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Job Description


Objective: your role as sales intern is to assist senior staff by performing administrative and entry-level duties while gaining experience. Your role also involves tasks such as making calls and sending emails, updating and keeping records, help maintain client relationships, among other tasks.

Job responsibilities:

– Keeping documents and sales records up to date.
– Sharing relevant and accurate details about company’s product and services to potential clients via calls or email.
– Conducting research, or gathering information through surveys or by speaking to clients and staff.
– Assist sales team and senior managements in in evaluating new sales strategies and opportunities
– Participating in meetings with management, clients, or other staff members to discuss sales goals or marketing strategies.


– Prior experience in sales or in similar fields.
– Interpersonal and communication skills.
– Proficient in the use of the computer.
– Ability to negotiating well and fairly.
– Organizational and time management skills.


– Excellent communication skills
– Ability to use the computer and knowledgeable in the use of Microsoft Word, excel, emails etc.
– People’s person skills – ability to communicate and respond to clients and customers.
– Good negotiating and persuading skills.

Job Types: Internship, Part-time
Contract length: 3 months

Salary: AED1,000.00 – AED1,500.00 per month

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