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Job Description

To plan, and manage the investigations process and individual investigations conducted by the team in order to minimise the impact of criminal activities, fraud and revenue losses on the Company To gather data and intelligence and ensure adequate processes and resources are positioned to enable trends to be identified. Facilitate target identification, and preventive measure to be identified.
Job Outline:
– Identify trends in criminal and/or Fraud activities across the EK Group network, allocate appropriate resources to investigate and identify the areas of weakness. In addition appropriate counter measures will need to be recommended to mitigate risks.

– Identify and maintain confidential informants at various sensitive areas of the airport, EK Group facilities and other relevant business areas to ensure a steady flow of information to Group Security. Regular scrutiny and surveillance of suspicious activities to be carried out to detect criminal/Fraudulent acts and prevent acts which might undermine the interests of the company. Random search of staff, whilst on duty to be carried out in conjunction with the local authorities.

– Develop and deliver security investigations/fraud prevention related training for security staff and creating general security awareness among the staff.

– May be required to represent Emirates Security specifically in areas of security/fraud prevention and investigations. Deal with external agencies within aviation security and exchange information/profiles of fraudsters from the data-bases maintained. Conduct if required outstation investigations, fraud prevention work and security surveys of various facilities.

– Plan and maintain statistical data-base for all investigations/fraud cases, effect of prevention measures and ensure reports are completed on a monthly and annual basis. Engage the relevant stakeholders to get the required factual details and subsequently implement or support preventive measures.

– Prepare analytical reports on the activities of fraud, effects of prevention measures , and intended for various departmental heads and outstations. Examine, edit and despatch investigation reports of investigation coordinators to VP/DSVP or the appropriate designate for further dissemination.

– Issue monthly, half yearly and annual reports of security cases investigated and measures taken to prevent crime. In connection with on-going cases, liaise with other areas of the company. Externally liaise with other airlines, law enforcing agencies, banks, business institutions, travel agencies, cargo agencies etc. to gather information and evidence supporting investigations.

– Plan, manage and optimally utilise the various equipment required to aid investigation work effectively i.e. Truth Detection Machine, Mobile CCTV Camera etc.

– Ensure that the level of service provided is at par with the best practice of the industry and to manage / plan the annual budget of the unit with the goal of optimal utilisation of any equipment and investment made.

– Lead by example, motivate and coach the investigations or Fraud Prevention team in order to ensure that the team consistently projects a high standard image of the organisation by dealing with the Internal/External departments in a professional and diplomatic manner. Conduct PM reviews, identify training/development requirements for the team and initiate nominations for relevant courses.
Qualifications & Experience
Security.Security (General) : 5+ Years Degree or Honours (12+3 or equivalent) : Knowledge/skills: Ideally should have undergone extensive training in dealing with advanced investigations, security suspects, anti-terrorism, bomb disposal, fire fighting, Evacuation drills and white collar frauds. Also an in depth knowledge of investigations in an aviation environment is required. Safety Sensitive Role: No
Salary & Benefits
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