Simulator Technician

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Job Description

To carry out preventive maintenance, repair and inspection tasks on Emirates training simulators and associated training equipment working under the direction of the Engineer Flight Simulators. To perform Daily Maintenance checks on all training devices and support visual calibration checks and setups. To take on complex technical tasks under the direction and where required supervision of the Engineers The simulator technician working with the Engineer Flight Simulator will ensure that the Flight Training equipment is fully serviceable and suitably maintained to manufacturers specifications.

Job Outline:

  • Carry out routine daily, weekly and monthly maintenance tasks as prescribed by the flight simulator manufacturer. To ensure that adequate records of maintenance activities are maintained in accordance with approved Quality Plan.
  • To perform daily maintenance checks on flight simulators to verify systems operation and to maintain records as required by Regulatory Authorities. Will require technical familiarisation with simulator systems to effectively check device operation. Where defects are found and are of a minor nature Technician will replace or repair and document action taken. Where defects are not correctable, Technician will make Engineer aware of defect for further guidance.
  • To perform weekly corrective maintenance on simulator visual systems to ensure that the equipment is effectively maintained to manufacturers recommendations.
  • Will ensure that the cabin training simulators are maintained to highest standards and that all cabin equipment is correctly maintained.
  • Perform repair tasks on flight simulators and cabin training simulators. Will use technical skills to propose best solution to rectify the defects in liaison with other departments and external contractors.
  • To perform Flight simulator configuration changes in accordance with procedures. These changes can be time consuming and technically complex in nature. Will need to resolve any faults or problems that occur following these configuration changes, or report complex problems to the Engineer.
  • To assist Engineer Flight Simulators in device fault rectification and equipment overhaul. Will require electro mechanical engineering principles and skills.
  • Collate and enter simulator training log usage and defect details clearly and concisely into recording utility, ensuring sufficient information on defect is entered for reference by Flight crew and Engineers.

Qualifications & Experience

  • Education: Vocational or Diploma (12+2 or equivalent)
  • Experience: Flight Operations.Other : 1+ Year
  • Specific job Experience for Emirates Flight Training Academy (EFTA)
  • To have a minimum of 3 years experience on Flight simulator maintenance.

Knowledge/ Skills

With experience in a civil aircraft-engineering environment, which includes a minimum of two years on the job training in an airline or an approved aircraft maintenance organisation; or as an alternative, 3 years experience with a civil engineering organisation in a technical/maintenance capacity.

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