Technical Services Officer

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Job Description

To provide detailed technical support to the Technical services Engineering team in their work to maintain reliability standards for existing aircraft and development of specifications of equipment for new aircraft.

To proactively participate in the exploration and development of new work processes, using new IT tools/ digital data wherever appropriate.


General :

  • Technical authoring of in-house Engineering Orders, Special Engineering Work Cards, Job Cards, Structural Repairs, Design Deviations, Engineering Advisory Notices, Technical Notices.
  • To conduct research with the aid of the Technical Resource Centre and Technical Services Engineers for various technical document reviews, carry-out preliminary analysis for their applicability in order to ensure prompt evaluation and follow up action are in place on the Technical Document Reviews.
  • To initiate, compile and analyse data in digital format for Technical Services Engineers during the course of their evaluation and processing of Engineering Orders, Engineering Change Requests, Special Engineering Works Cards, Engineering Advisory Notices, Job Cards, Technical Notices, Structural Repairs, for aircraft modification and inspection.
  • To review and extract information and supporting data in preparation for technical review meetings.
  • To take initiative during Managers absence and use judgement to relay messages that require urgent attention to respective Engineers/ delegated Managers.
  • Liaise with Vendors and Manufacturers to keep a track of open technical queries and develop follow-up action within the group.
  • Monitor System Alerts and Monthly Technical Performance and Productivity Reports and propose technical solutions.
  • Assist Technical Services Engineers in data compilation during the course of their evaluation and processing various features/options related to aircraft systems in order to maintain a comprehensive database.
  • To develop concepts and methods to improve efficiency within the group to deal with the expansion of fleet type and increased number of aircraft. In addition explore ways to exploit the use of manufacturer’s digital data.

Discipline Specific :

Where expressly identified the job holder may also be engaged in one of the following specialist areas:-

New Aircraft:

  • Maintain a streamlined process for electronic/manual distribution, tracking, and distribution of all extensive documentation for new aircraft projects such as SCN/MSCN/MCs. In order to ensure smooth flow of documents received and to commence processing.
  • Technical editing of Master Changes summary (Boeing documentation) and Specification Change Notices summary Airbus documentation), summary lists support Projects Engineers.
  • Monitor BFE, purchase requests, order, delivery, on-dock date and maintain up to date status of each programme.
  • Ensure BFE supplier contract obligation in term of price/scope and specification is per Emirates requirement and agreement.
  • To provide supervisory control over Technical Services Assistants and Coordinators to ensure they pursue their functions in an effective manner.
  • Assist Technical Services Engineers in preparation of specifications and tender documents matrix for new aircraft.
  • Maintain cost summaries, documentation and keep the aircraft specification matrix up to date in order to facilitate negotiation with aircraft manufacturers.
  • Co-ordinate in detail all activities related to new aircraft acceptance/delivery, liaising with all departments nominations, aircraft delivery schedules, delivery agenda, tracking changes.
  • Maintain budget and expense account reports, financial records, leave/absence reports, duty travel reports, configuration file and updating of Procedure Manual.

Current Fleet:

  • Maintenance of accurate files and records of Airworthiness Directives, All Operator telexes, Service bulletins, Service information letters together with all related correspondence.
  • Ensure proper maintenance and revision of all evaluated documents, technical publications, technical notices, engineering advisory notices etc. are free from error.
  • Prepare and distribute Technical Notices and ensure issue of updated index.
  • To provide supervisory control over Technical Services Assistants and Coordinators to ensure they pursue their functions in an effective manner.
  • Organise and control security systems for software, data protection and integrity.
  • Maintain budget and expense account reports, financial records, leave/absence reports, duty travel reports, configuration file and updating of Procedure Manual.

Power plants:

  • Capture and re-organise the Engine Data from the main system, analyse and modify them to the required format for COMPASS and SAGE programs for review by the Development Engineers.
  • Compile the ALERT REPORTS (Engine problems requiring review) for Power Plant Engineers for review/action.
  • Analyse engine data and produce Engine trend charts/ trend graphs (both graphical and semi-graphical) and submit to Power Plant Engineers for review/action. Charts/Graphs to be provided every 3 days.
  • Compile Engine status reports while keeping a track of engine performance for Power Plant Engineers action (bi-weekly) and distribution to the Management.
  • Collate data for engine trend charts/graphs related to incidents required by the Power Plant Engineers involved in parameter exceedance/events. In addition to onitor engine positions/ changes to update data in Engine Condition Monitoring programs so that error free reports are generated.

Qualifications & Experience



Degree or Honours (12+3 or equivalent)


5+ yrs Engineering experience.=


  • BSc science degree in Engineering (preferably Aeronautical Engineering) + 1 years experience in
  • Engineering Technical Services environment or Diploma in Engineering (preferably Aeronautical) + 6 years experience in Engineering Technical Services environment
  • Experience with using aircraft maintenance documentation and other technical data.
  • Ability to understand aircraft systems/components/power plant with good knowledge of aircraft drawing.
  • Sound knowledge of computer systems.
  • Excellent knowledge of computer software, specifically Microsoft Office, AUTOCAD, CATIA, Unigraphics, Solidworks.
  • Good command of written and spoken English.
  • Safety Sensitive Role: No
  • Other languages besides English: None
  • Leadership Role: No
  • Safety Sensitive Role: No

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