Vice President IT Enterprise Architecture

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Job Description

Job Purpose: We currently have a fantastic opportunity for a Senior IT professional to join the Emirates Group as Vice President IT Enterprise Architecture. In this role, you will collaborate with senior IT and business executives to establish, communicate, guide, and align a shared technology strategy and architectural roadmap across the Emirates Group companies. You will direct the envisioning, creation, review and maintenance of Enterprise IT Architecture of the Group, to support the operational and strategic requirements of the Group business areas. You will enable business agility through technology and architecture uplift by managing all disciplines of Enterprise Architecture to ensure that all software development and acquisition in the Group follow and comply with the architectural framework, costs are optimised through standardisation, IT infrastructure and applications are scalable and IT assets (systems and services) are optimally utilised and duplication/ redundancies are avoided. Overall, you will be accountable for the delivery of all information, application and technology architecture needs of IT and the Group in line with Enterprise Architecture framework and principles. Job Outline: – Establish a collaborative relationship with key senior stakeholders in the business, IT, and technology partners to guide technology directions. Ensure IT solutions developed or procured are consistently and strongly aligned to the group's technology and architecture vision. In addition, provide critical inputs and guidance for vendor selection. – Establish social connections, and undertake horizon scanning and market research to identify futuristic technologies, solutions, trends, and innovations in the context of Emirates Group's business objectives. Contribute to IT strategy by providing inputs on matters relating to Enterprise Architecture and standards. Ensure that feedback from the rest of the IT teams related to architecture is incorporated into the IT strategy to ensure that changes in IT Strategy truly reflect the needs of the overall IT user community. – Implement and manage the IT portfolio of all applications and technologies by continuously collecting IT systems and technology landscape data to enable data-driven decisions. Work with IT executives to enable the transformation of technology by identifying and prioritizing opportunities for improvement such as rationalization, tech debt remediation, and retirement of assets. Collaborate across IT delivery and enablement leadership to modernize applications. – Leads, motivates, mentors, and manages a highly specialized team of senior architects, fostering a high-performance culture and a lean-agile mind-set through adaptive development and continuous feedback. Establish and incorporate a lean-agile, highly engaging, and outcome-driven strategic architecture practice based on continuous feedback and collaboration at all levels of the IT organization. – Manage assigned cost centre/s by planning, setting, and monitoring the respective budgets to ensure that agreed targets are met and costs controlled. Establish SMART objectives, career development plans, and training for direct reports and provide appropriate mentoring and coaching. Conduct timely annual and interim performance reviews to cultivate a high-performance culture. – Lead, define and maintain overarching group-wide technology and architecture vision, strategy, and roadmap cohesively across business architecture, solution architecture, data architecture, technology architecture, and cyber security, aligned to the current and strategic objectives of the business. Ensure strategic changes in technology and architecture, its impact, and readiness are clearly communicated to the relevant parts of the organization. – Establish technology and architecture standards, policies, principles, and guidelines collaboratively with IT senior management and technology teams by adequately assessing business benefits and impacts. Establish a continuous feedback loop from the business and IT teams to make progressive changes to ensure the needs and concerns of the business, engineering, and operational communities are timely addressed. – Direct the development of technology standards for IT and the Group. Work with technology owners to produce proposals for introducing new technologies, and ensure these are reviewed by a cross-organizational set of senior stakeholders for approval. Be accountable for the approval and sign off of any proposals for the introduction of new technologies, new products acquired, and new applications developed in IT after ensuring that there is enough impact analysis. Ensure that there is adequate communication to the relevant parts of the organization to ensure readiness. – Establish and run periodic and on-demand auditing and assessment of application architecture and technologies in production to identify gaps, risks, compliance, and opportunities for improvements in the areas of operational excellence, performance efficiency, cost optimization, reliability, sustainability, and security architecture. – With a customer and business-centric mind-set, guide and influence senior IT and business executives on architecture and technology directions. Direct a team of architects in delivering high-quality architecture solutions to the IT project delivery and development teams and ensure they align with the overall Enterprise Architecture principles and framework with a pragmatic approach to balancing the IT system's long-term sustainability against business plans and constraints around people, budget, and time. Establish and run enterprise technology and architecture governance with a highly responsive and nimble architecture board.
Qualifications & Experience: Qualifications: – Degree or Honours (12+3 or equivalent) : Experience: – Information Technology.Other : 12+ Years – Experience at a senior level related to IT architecture or design. – Experience gained in both corporate and multi-cultural environments would be an added benefit. Knowledge/skills: – Business / IS Business Information Architecture – Systems Architecture & Standards Business process improvement – Technical strategy and planning – Emerging technology monitoring – Cloud technology Leadership Role : YES
Salary & Benefits: Join us in a management role and enjoy an attractive tax-free salary. On top of our generous travel benefits, including discounted flights and hotel stays around the world, this managerial role also has an excellent leave and healthcare package. That’s on top of transport benefits, life insurance and more.

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