About us

About us

Last Dubai is a digital magazine that covers the latest happenings and news in Dubai. We are a team of native journalists, bloggers, photographers, designers, and social media experts who strive to share breaking stories with our readers as soon as they take place. Our mission is to inform readers about what’s happening in Dubai at any given time while also showcasing the city’s diverse culture through original photography and multimedia content.
We believe in being an industry leader by providing up-to-date information on events, attractions, people & places from around the world for both residents and visitors alike. Our vision is to be your go-to source for everything you need to know about life in Dubai 24/7.

Last Dubai is a free online magazine for people who live and work in Dubai. Last Dubai provides its readers with information about the latest happenings in their city – from news, art, culture to business and lifestyle. We cover all aspects of life in Dubai including updates on development projects, new restaurants, the best places to visit, and more.

Last Dubai is an online magazine that covers the latest events in the city of Dubai. Our mission is to provide a platform for residents and visitors to learn about what’s happening in their hometown, as well as explore all its hidden gems. Last Dubai also aims to be a source of inspiration for locals and internationals alike by providing them with ideas on how they can make their stay memorable.

Our office is located at:

7 Coronation Road Dephna House – Launchese London NW10 7PQ

Contact: hello@lastdubai.com